Practice OPAL

Mr sci med Olivera Partonjic - surgeon

is the owner and founder of OPAL. Medical studies she’s completed in Belgrade as well as her master’s degree in vascular surgery and she is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Regularly trained in antiaging medicine in Paris, Rome, Monte Carlo, Istanbul, Berlin … She has participated in numerous congresses and seminars around the world.

Opal’s concept is based on modern surgical achievements, which are complemented by regular participation in World and Our Congresses, Symposiums and other lectures. All this allows us to keep up with the global trends in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine. This is certainly indicated by our results, which are at an enviable level and which we are proud of, which, on the other hand, oblige us to respect our discretion.

We are proud of the large number of patients who show us confidence.


dr Olivera Partonjic