Ear correction

This is an aesthetic surgical procedure that successfully and permanently eliminates the problem of kinky or deformed ears.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and, if necessary (smaller children), under general anesthesia.

The surgery takes about 1h. A surgical incision is made from the back of the ear. Because the incision is at the back of the ear in the canal, the suture and even the scars are not visible.

After surgery, the patient wears an elastic bandage for 5-7 days, when it is removed and allowed to wash hair. It is necessary to wear a sports elastic band at bedtime for three weeks after removing the bandage. The thread is removed 10-12 days after surgery.

There are rare complications in this procedure.

Children as young as 6 years are ripe for ear correction. Up to 10 years of age requires total anesthesia. Before going to school, if there are any indications, the ears should be corrected. It is the smallest trauma for children and does not affect socialization

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