Facial remodeling


is a treatment to remove irregularities on the face and highlight beauty! We use different techniques depending on the needs of the patients. The treatment gives great results for a new, fresh face and youthful appearance! The hyaluronic filler that has proven to be great for this treatment is the Luminera filler!

Patients simply adore this treatment because they immediately get a new, sophisticated and rejuvenated face!

The effects of this treatment are:

  • Contouring and highlighting the jawbone
  • Stretching your chin
  • Filling and raising berries
  • Reduction of nasolabial wrinkles
  • Lifting the corners of the lips
  • Tightening of facial skin

The complete effect is a significant rejuvenation of the face and highlighting the contours that are synonymous with beauty, with round cheekbones, sensual lips and seductive smile.


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