“G” Point Rejuvenation

“G” Point Rejuvenation

It is a non-surgical, safe and effective procedure which is aimed to enlarge the “G” point using hyaluronic fillers, specially designed for vaginal use.

“G” point – a subtle mass of nerve tissue the size of a pea grain, composed of glandular tissue and blood vessels, and undoubtedly plays the role of an erogenous zone in some women.
The “G” point is located between the pubic bone and the front of the cervix, about five to six inches from the beginning of the vaginal opening, on the anterior wall of the vagina.
By injecting the hyaluronan filler into the environment and into the G spot itself, it increases its increase and therefore increases the woman’s satisfaction during intercourse.
Stimulating the “G” point significantly improves the quality of sexual life, intensifies the feeling during sexual intercourse, facilitates the achievement of an orgasm, which becomes more intense and frequent,

The effect of increasing the “G” point of the filler takes about a year when the process can be repeated. The procedure itself takes 10-15 minutes, is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless.

This procedure is not a fad and is not a luxury because in many women there is a problem of a wide vagina due to multiple births, decreased satisfaction during intercourse, there are problems that cannot be solved by other methods.

Natural filler “G” point therapy is a very useful treatment for a woman’s psyche, and it is completely harmless!