GAMMY smile

GUMMY smile – gingival visibility

Gummy smile is an aesthetic disorder in some patients, whose gums are too visible when they smile or their gums are simply too prominent when they laugh.

It is a phenomenon that when people laugh, their upper lip rises too high above their upper teeth, revealing their gums and creating an unattractive smile.

One of the causes is hyperactive muscle that raises the upper lip. When a patient has a thin upper lip, it further contributes to the problem by revealing the upper gum even more. Fortunately, this problem can be easily and effectively corrected by botulinum toxin injections, ie botox, to reduce the activity of the muscles that lift the upper lip and leads to a very nice harmony between the lips, teeth and gums.

GUMMY smile – the visibility of the gingiva when smiling, causes an unattractive smile, as well as insecurity and loss of self-confidence in a person when smiling. The normal visibility of the gingiva during a smile is 1-2 mm, while visibility over 4 mm provides an image that patients are not satisfied with. Such a smile is caused by the hyper function of the muscles that lift the upper lip.

The effects last from 6 to 9 months.