lipocube face

Lipocube face

Lipocube Face

Nano fat grafting is a new revolutionary treatment that is becoming increasingly popular in aesthetic medicine for restoring volume, contouring and shaping the face, as well as improving the quality of the skin itself. Lipocube Nano is a disposable mechanical device for processing lipoaspirate, autologous adipose tissue, in a mile, micro and nano fat graft.

With the treatment of fats with Lipocube, it is possible to treat different parts and layers of the face during the same treatment. Such deep facial compartments are treated with a mild fat graft where ligament support is given, deep and medium deep wrinkles are filled in, and volume and contour are added to the entire face. Then the surface layers of the face are treated with a micro fat graft where the present medium deep wrinkles of the face and dark circles are filled, and for the most superficial part of the face and skin it remains reserved for nano fat graft which treats shallow wrinkles and improves the quality of the skin.

Adipose tissue is used in modern medicine not only to compensate for the volume, but also for regeneration, reparation and healing.

In addition to fat cells, fat contains a stromal vascular fraction (SVF) that contains stem cells. Their application is widely used in regenerative therapies because stem cells produce and activate various growth factors that promote tissue regeneration and repair.

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