Knees – shaping and tightening

Fat deposits on the knees, cellulite, loose skin on the knees, are a problem for a large number of women. This problem comes to the fore when we suddenly gain weight or lose weight. Then an excess of fat deposits is created in this area and cellulite appears. In some women, such changes are not noticed until they decide to lose weight. When they lose weight, these imperfections become more noticeable and women want to get rid of it.

There are also imperfections in the knees that occur due to:

  • skin aging,
  • skin relaxation,
  • sudden weight loss

As skin ages, collagen production is reduced, and our skin loses elasticity. This of course also happens in the knee area. What is specific about this area is that the knees are a part of the body that is exposed to great burden and stress. This area carries the weight of a good part of our body, due to constant bending, walking, etc., the skin is constantly moving, stretching and returning to its original shape. That is why it is not surprising that we see signs of aging here and that this area is subject to strong changes, if we do not take care.

Such changes in the knees do not only happen to obese people. Many women who are considered skinny by today’s standards also have to do some kind of knee tightening.

We often neglect this part of the body and do not pay enough attention to it. The result is sagging skin on the knees. Like other parts of our body, the skin on the knees can show signs of: dehydration, aging, friction damage, etc.

Relaxed skin above the knee is more common when it comes to: sudden changes in weight and cellulite.

Many women notice this imperfection when faced with weight gain, or sudden weight loss. When we experience such imperfections, our legs automatically look older

Knee skin tightening is intended for all women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their knees.

For beautiful knees, without wrinkles and fat pads, in the Opal Practice, we apply the following treatments:

  • Injectable lipolysis,
  • Mezzanines
  • COG thread
  • Radio waves
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