Hand rejuvenation

The skin on the hands is thin, easily loses its freshness and youthful appearance and almost indispensable for years. Continuous exposure to the weather, daily hand washing, the use of detergents and soap speeds up the aging process. In the aging process, the texture and quality of the skin changes first. The skin becomes thin, rough, and pigmentation (aging spots) can occur.

Subsequently, subcutaneous fat loss occurs, the skin loses elasticity and tenderness. Bone structures, tendons and veins are emphasized.

Around the age of thirty, the first, mild regenerative and revitalizing treatments are recommended. The goal of anti-aging treatment is to prevent and then reduce the first signs of aging.


  • MESOTHERAPY for better hydration, circulation and strengthening of connective tissue.
  • CHEMICAL PEELING for pigmentation (age spots) removal.
  • HYALURONIC FILLERS to compensate for volume loss of subcutaneous fat. The fillers reduce the visibility of the veins and tendons, and at the same time restore the lingering skin.


Hand rejuvenation