Breast augmentation with own fat

Breast augmentation with own fat (adipose tissue)
Breast lipofilling

Since the 1990s, plastic surgeons have reliably used fat grafting to improve and enhance the cosmetic appearance of the face, breasts, buttocks, hips…

If you are not satisfied with the volume and appearance of the breasts, you can transfer your own fat to this area and improve the appearance of the breasts themselves, as well as the part of the body from which you are removing excess fat.
Areas that are often used to collect fat are the hips, stomach and thighs. These zones are considered “problem areas” for many individuals and often have abundant pockets of fat. Liposuction of these areas reduces problem areas and improves body contour.

During one operation, approx. 250-350 cubic meters can be transferred (per side), of which 70 percent is received, and 30 percent is absorbed by the body, that is, broken down by itself.

The patient and his surgeon will choose the place from which the fat will be removed. He will inject a local anesthetic into the selected region. Then a small incision is made in the place where the fat will be removed.

Vibro Liposuction (PAL – Power Assisted Liposuction) involves suctioning and sculpting of body fat tissue using a special vibrating thin blunt liposuction cannula, connected to a vacuum system, introduced into the subcutaneous fat tissue. The Vibro Liposuction Cannula can be moved very precisely forward, back, left, right and semi-circular. Vibro cannula is activated by air via a special device (air assisted device). The device and technique can facilitate the effort of the surgeon and improve the removal of fat tissue. This technique is useful for collecting a large amount of fat cells from the unwanted region before transferring them to the desired place, ie the breast. As with any technique, more important than the technique itself is the surgeon who uses it, as well as the quality of the patient’s tissue on which it is applied.

When enough fat is obtained from the donor area, he will process it to prepare the fat tissue cells for transfer into small syringes that will be used for fat injection ie fat transfer.

The goal of the surgeon is to use his knowledge and skill to help you achieve the most natural and beautiful results and to make your procedure as comfortable and easy as possible.


• No cuts or cuts
• No foreign bodies in the body
• Faster recovery
• Liposuction

In the fat itself, in addition to fat cells, there is also a stromal vascular fraction (SVF) that contains stem cells, and this property is used in regenerative medicine because stem cells produce and activate various growth factors that promote tissue regeneration and preparation.

Depending on the patient’s needs, that is, the problem we are solving, we use one of four types of fat tissue: macro, mili, micro or nano fat. The largest fat particles within macrofat are used for correction, shaping and enlargement of the breast, buttocks and any part of the body where more volume compensation is needed.

The lipofilling procedure itself is safe and simple, it belongs to the ambulatory or one-day domains surgery, is performed under local, tumescent anesthesia, and as such is not painful and does not require recovery. However, this procedure is performed in an operating room and is performed by a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

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