Lifting the face and tightening the neck with COG threads

“Cog threads” – magic threads – the best replacement for facelifting

“Cog threads” are special biodegradable threads that run through the subcutaneous part of the cannula. Under local anesthesia, the patient, together with the doctor, participates in regulating and deciding how much it takes to tighten the face. This method is effective and excellent for lifting relaxed facial skin, for tightening upper and lower cheeks, for tightening jaw, neck, nasolabial part of the face, puppet wrinkles, eyebrow lift.

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cog niti facelift 2

“Cog threads” can very effectively strengthen and redefine facial contours, and the threads themselves induce collagen production.

In addition to the fact that “Cog threads” are a great replacement for face lifting, they also give great results in tightening the thighs, arms, legs and abdomen.

The best effect is seen after a few months, and the lifting effect lasts for several years.

“Cog threads” combined with PRP treatment, hyaluronan or botox give great results in rejuvenating your face!

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face lifting Cog threads