Zatezanje kože stomaka mezonitima i COG nitima

Tummy tuck with mesothreads and COG threads

Tummy tuck with mesothreads and COG threads

We provide with mesothreads strong mechanical support in the form of a reinforcing mesh. After 6 to 8 months, the threads are completely decomposed, and until then they serve to stimulate reparative processes that lead to skin tightening and rejuvenation.

In addition, mesonites have the function of:

  • stimulate the production of new collagen fibers, which provide the skin with firmness and firmness
  • stimulate the production of elastin for skin elasticity
  • hyaluronic acid and numerous growth factors are produced
  • microcirculation is improved to increase the skin’s supply of oxygen and nutrients

The result of all these processes is taut and better hydrated and elastic skin.

Degradable mesonites are revolutionary because they aim to stimulate the creation of our own collagen that stays in the skin while the threads disappear completely. The skin tightening effect is thus extended to several years.

Cog threads “are special biodegradable threads that pass through the subcutaneous part of the cannula. Under the influence of local anesthesia, the patient, together with the doctor, participates in the regulation and decides how much it takes to tighten the face. This method is effective and great for lifting sagging facial skin, for tightening the upper and lower cheeks, for tightening the jaw, neck, nasolabial part of the face, puppet wrinkles, raising eyebrows.

Cog threads also give excellent results when tightening the thighs, arms, legs and abdomen.

COG threads induce collagen production.

The best effect is seen after a couple of months, and the lifting effect lasts for several years.

With the combination of Mezoniti and COG thread, we achieved an excellent result in tightening the skin of the abdomen! We solved the problem of excess skin and sagging skin, and visibly reduced stretch marks!

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