Non-invasive removal of stubborn fat.

Particularly good effects are exerted on the abdomen, hips, thighs, inside of the knees, buttocks and on the chest in men. Vacuum cavitation has many advantages since the vacuum creates a skin fold and lifts it towards the applicator, ensuring the cavitation is evenly acted upon. Cavitation treatment is thus performed within the skin fold, on a specific part of the tissue, which is drawn by the vacuum. Vacuum therapy significantly speeds up lymphatic drainage and therefore eliminates its harmful products from the body, primarily released from the fat.


Cavitation is a natural phenomenon that results from low-frequency ultrasonic waves. The ultrasound field triggers the formation of bubbles that grow to a certain size, after which they coalesce to each other, causing the energy to release energy in the form of heat and pressure. Pressure breaks down fat cells in subcutaneous adipose tissue. Other tissues (skin surface. Blood vessels, nerves, muscles) remain out of wave action, thereby emphasizing the selectivity of the apparatus (solely on fat cells).


The fat is released from triglyceride-derived fat cells into the intercellular space, where it is broken down into glycerol and simple fatty acids by the enzyme. Glycerol is a source of energy. Fatty acids break down in the liver, as do all other simple fatty acids, including those from food.


Cavitation does not require special preparation for therapy. The first step is to measure the volume of bodies to be treated. The therapy itself is performed in a circular motion over a selected part of the body. Usually, one part of the body is treated during one therapy (eg only the abdomen, legs or buttocks). The therapy ends with a re-measurement of the volume of the treated part of the body. The therapy itself lasts from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the treated part and the thickness of the fat.

Visible results are achieved with 3 to 6 therapies at intervals of one week. The therapy can be prolonged until the desired result is achieved…