Decolletage – a symbol of femininity

For most women, the decolletage is one of the most important symbols of femininity. Due to its exposure to the sun and the harmful effects of UV rays, the décolleté skin requires, in addition to regular hydration, enhanced UV protection.

Around the age of thirty, the first signs of aging on the décolleté’s skin are visible in the form of stains, enlarged blood vessels, and redness. The skin becomes dry, rough and lifeless. Greater damage may occur in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. To prevent major skin damage, care treatments should be started on time. In addition, the right combination of treatments is important, which will give the best type of skin the best results.

ANTI-AGING TREATMENTS that nurture a beautiful decolletage:

  • CHEMICAL PEELING AND MESOTHERAPY maintain a smooth and delicate texture of the décolleté skin, enlightening and restoring the skin’s radiance, radiance and radiance.
  • HYALURONIC FILLERS for filling fine lines and wrinkles.