Removal of excess skin and adipose tissue from the stomach (dermolipectomy)

Dermolipectomy is the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue of the abdomen, tightening the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall

Patients who are suitable for this intervention are those who lose weight rapidly, leaving excess skin on their stomachs, as well as postpartum women who lose weight, and excess skin appears to be hanging.

This procedure very often involves moving (transposing) the navel.

Dermalipectomy is achieved: tightened abdomen and strengthen muscles, which means that this operation achieves, in addition to the aesthetic and very significant functional result. Before the surgery, a blood test, a lung test and a cardiologist internist’s examination should be performed.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is above the pubic region and the groin, which makes it completely unobtrusive later. The hospital stays on average 24 – 48 hours. It is necessary to rest in bed for the first few days. The threads are removed on the fifteenth day after surgery. Heavy physical work is not recommended for three to four weeks, as long as it is mandatory to wear a proper corset.


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