Upper arms

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity and the connective tissue loses its tone, resulting in flabby hanging skin of the upper arms. Existing oily pads beneath the skin are visibly exposed in the form of unsightly cellulite with characteristic recesses and bulges of the skin.

Women ‘s upper arms, due to their extremely delicate skin and muscle structure, are prone to a build-up of fat that suppresses skin’ s suppleness and elasticity.

After the thirties, the first signs of muscle tone appear, the result of poor physical activity, pregnancy, hormonal changes, poor nutrition … the result is a “flabby” appearance of the skin of the upper arm.

Whatever age they are, everyone loves to look good and look good.

The treatments used to adjust the upper arms at Opal are:

  • intralipotherapy,
  • 3D mesothreads,
  • cavitation


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