Augmentation Labiaplasty

For some women, there is a need to tighten the big labia to rejuvenate. For relaxation and lightness of the skin, it is sufficient to repair the lining of the labia with hyaluronic fillers. Treatment can be applied regardless of the patient’s age. The procedure is an aesthetic procedure and in no way affects the sensitivity of the genitals.

Some common reasons for going through a vaginal rejuvenation procedure include:

  1. Inelasticity of the vaginal wall or orifice (usually after delivery)
  2. Loss of overall vaginal resistance, which can cause:
  • Discomfort when using tampons
  • Difficulties in achieving sexual stimulation
  • A noticeable feeling of lost muscle strength

Rejuvenation of the labia is a short, painless procedure and recovery is short. The duration of the effect depends on the quality of the filler, for a maximum of two years.

This procedure can also be done with your adipose tissue and the effect can last for many years.