Transfer masti za povećanje zadnjice

Fat transfer for buttock augmentation

With this procedure, we remove fat deposits from one part of the body where there is an excess of them, and then transfer them to the region that we want to reshape and rejuvenate.

The so-called Brazilian butt lift comes from Brazil, as the name suggests, but in recent years it has become increasingly popular in Serbia as well. Due to increasing demand, surgical techniques are constantly being developed in order to achieve the best possible results with gentle and low-risk interventions.

At the Opal Clinic, we strive for surgical results that look natural. The transfer of own fat alone does not create a beautiful buttock from a distance, so the stack and contouring of the buttock is an important part of the treatment. This is the only way we can achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

What is buttock augmentation with your own fat deposits good for?

A fat deposit that is foreign to the body is not suitable for buttock augmentation because the body would reject it. Therefore, fat deposits obtained from the part of the patient’s body that has sufficient fat reserves are used. Unfortunately, this procedure is not suitable for very slim patients, as a large amount of fat cannot be removed here.

Slight sagging of the buttocks, for example after weight loss, can also be compensated by lifting the buttocks by transferring your own fat.

How does a butt lift with your own fat deposits work?

Before any intervention in our clinic, a preliminary consultation is always mandatory. Only in this way can we get to know the patient, his precise ideas and possible medical history. Since surgery always represents a certain strain on the body, the patient should be in good physical (and mental) condition.

The operation is divided into two main processes. In the first step, we remove excess fat from another part of the body. The procedure is similar to that of conventional liposuction, with the difference that the removed fat is collected with a special lipocollector, and then cleaned and processed. It is then injected evenly into the buttock tissue with fine cannulas through small incisions. The fat can thus be placed in the right shape.

What follow-up care is required after a buttock lift?

The operation usually lasts 2-3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Patients then wear a special compression garment for optimal contour adjustment and permanent shaping. If necessary, an overnight stay in the hospital for observation must be planned. The patient should sleep on his stomach for at least 2-3 weeks. This allows the injected adipose tissue to grow well and to avoid changes in shape due to pressure.

You should know that some of the injected fat cells are broken down again by the body. That’s why we always take a slightly larger amount.

What are the advantages of buttock augmentation with your own fat deposits compared to augmentation with implants?

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer offers numerous advantages over buttock augmentation with implants. The donor’s own fat is introduced into a smaller and therefore gentler surgical incision, wound healing in small incisions is significantly shorter, and the risk of side effects is also lower. However, the autologous fat method is particularly popular due to the naturalness of the material used. Many patients struggle with the thought of a foreign material in the buttocks.

Donor fat is taken from an area with sufficient fat reserves. This also provides the advantage that minor problem areas can be removed or reduced.

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