Health tourism

Health Tourism in Serbia - Health Facilities and Private Practices

Health tourism or health travel is a new sector of modern tourism, whether we consider it as part of the mass tourism industry or as a separate, specific type of tourism.

Tourists travel to perform specialized operations, to relax (massages, special treatments …), or to revitalize the body and mind (weight loss, fitness, antistress, etc.). Most people travel for the health benefits of the climate, water or environment.

So, people do not need to be sick to opt for health tourism, but their motive is to improve their overall health.

On June 9, 2017, health institutions and private practices that met the requirements for participation in the Health Tourism Development and Promotion Project in Serbia were presented with certificates, and Health Minister Zlatibor Loncar emphasized that the state, economy, and citizens can only have benefited from the development of health tourism. One of the first is our Opal Office.

zdravstveni turizam dodela
Olivera Partonjić
Health tourism in Serbia
Dr. Olivera Partonjic and Minister Loncar - Meeting on Health Tourism Development in Serbia! June 17, 2019
Olivera Partonjić
Olivera Partonjic

Koncept ordinacije Opal bazira se na savremenim hirurškim dostignućima koja se upotpunjuju redovnim učešćima na Svetskim i našim Kongresima, Simpozijumima i ostalim predavanjima.

dr Olivera Partonjić / Vlasnik i osnivač ordinacije OPAL

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