Ear correction

Correction – Ear surgery is performed by removing a portion of the skin from the back of the ear shell and then accessing the ear cartilage.

With a specially defined procedure, the cartilage is remodeled and the wound behind the ear is sutured. There are no cuts or scars on the front of the ear.

The surgery is not painful, and postoperative pain is controlled by the use of painkillers. After surgery, it is mandatory to wear elastic bandages for 7 to 10 days. The threads are removed on the tenth day and this procedure is completely painless. The scar behind the ear is invisible.

Ear surgery can be done in children after the age of 7. The reason for this is that the ear during this period has a definite appearance and position that will last a lifetime. The plastic surgeon can also perform this intervention in the elderly, with the greatest number of patients occurring between 12 and 14 years. The type of anesthesia depends on the patient’s age.
Children are operated on under general anesthesia, and older patients can undergo local infiltrative anesthesia (injection of anesthetics into and out of the ear shell).